May/June 2013 | Trade and Industry Development

May/June 2013

Trade & Industry Development Magazine

May/June 2013

Think the automotive supplier industry will ever return to its pre-great-recession levels of development and growth? Has expansion in the aerospace/aviation/defense manufacturing industry sector been doomed by federal budget cuts? This May-June 2013 issue of Trade & Industry Development provides well-researched insight into these important questions about the current state of these major manufacturing sectors and their supply chains — and the information may surprise you.

Looking even deeper into supply chains, in this issue you’ll get up close with some very interesting supply chain companies that reveal the primary factors and locations they have found lead to success.

This issue also reveals that companies are continuing to embrace the practice of reshoring — meaning they are actively seeking great new U.S. locations for their return. Where are they looking? Our feature on reshoring tells you where — and our exclusive glimpse at America’s Top Sites for Business Location in 2013 will provide you with crucial facts on some fantastic locations you’ll want to short list right away.