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Automotive, Aerospace and Light Manufacturing

While no one can predict the ultimate impact tariffs will have, there’s good news on the reshoring front: experts Harry Moser and Sandy Montalbano say reshoring and foreign direct investment job announcements in 2018 reached the second highest annual rate in history. We’ve also tapped the expertise of Dustin Jones with Ginovus to talk about diversification in the automotive industry, and for our aviation/aerospace feature, we called on Scott Thompson of PwC. Check out our focus on Light Manufacturing and Top Sites for Business Growth, and spotlights on Michigan, Georgia, Kansas and Mississippi.

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How Will Tariffs Impact Reshoring in 2019?

BY: Harry Moser

In 2018, the combined announcements of reshoring by U.S. companies and related foreign direct investment (FDI) by foreign companies remained strong, adding more than 145,000 jobs, with an additional 36,000 in revisions to the years 2010 through 2017. The number of companies reporting new reshoring and FDI was a record 1,389, up 38 percent from 2017. more....