July/August 2018 | Trade and Industry Development

July/August 2018


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July/August 2018

When was the last time you examined your business’ carbon footprint? Is it overexploiting resources? The Feature article in this issue, “The Future of Renewables: Energy Generation and Storage Solutions” by Von Hatley, will light your fire to make you work on getting your business in line with the groove of the future of energy. Two important industry associations provide great input on the topic as well.

While you’re ensuring your business is on the path of being current, don’t overlook the awesomeness of technology and where you want to be located to ensure you have the outstanding staff you need for your business to thrive. The answers are in the Feature article, “Site Selection Trends in the Technology Industry” by Chris Engle. You owe it to yourself and business to check out this article.

How are you going to buy the renewables and tech products you need to stay or become a business star? Good question. This issue’s Feature on the topic of retail, “The Retail Transition Continues” by Fred D. Burkhardt, MBA, is going to enlighten you that changes in the development, occupancy and absorption of space along with ongoing shopper preferences continue to vex the traditional retail landscape. Yes, very interesting information is right here.

Don’t forget — you will find the scoop on in the Spotlight columns on four states you will want to know more about as well as a peek into locations where clean energy thrives in the Sites & Programs column and areas that exude a great quality of life in the Short List column.

The issue has a terrific article on the new tariff status as well. This is not information to overlook as it affects every industry.