November/December 2018 | Trade and Industry Development

November/December 2018


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November/December 2018

This issue dives into a number of key areas for site selection that decision-makers today need to consider. Our feature story on supply-chain management and logistics focuses on distribution centers and the importance of addressing a critical need today: attracting and retaining good employees. American consumers would be hard-pressed to find anything they do or use today that doesn’t involve plastics. Siting a facility that deals with this ubiquitous commodity involves many critical factors, and we help executives sort through and prioritize them. When it comes to metalworking and fabricating, we’re seeing a “rise of the machines,” as revenue for companies in the machinery manufacturing sector has been steadily rising, and there is a trend toward digitization of manufacturing that includes machines to monitor production facilities and the design of manufacturing processes with robotics. The ramifications and impacts for site selectors are expertly laid out in our feature. This issue also looks at ports/inland ports, identifying a number of key shipping locations.

In this issue

Site Selection for the Vital Plastics Industry

BY: David Hickey

When it comes to plastics, a lot of public attention tends to focus on single-use products, such as grocery bags and drinking straws, and the often negative perception those single-use items have in terms of waste and disposal. But in today’s society, single-use plastics are, in fact, vital, especially when it comes to areas such as food safety, stemming the spread of illness through medical uses and reducing food waste, among other applications. more....