Q2 2021 | Trade and Industry Development

Q2 2021


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This issue features several timely topics, including supply chain management and logistics, plastics, and metalworking and fabricating. In the COVID-19 era, the norms of supply chain logistics have been thrown out, and companies are discovering that the processes that once worked well to keep costs down are actually driving up the cost of doing business. In this issue, we feature several editorials that discuss the new challenges to supply chain, and how manufacturers, suppliers, warehouses and ports and depots are handling these new realities. 

In this issue

In the Midst of a Pandemic, Idaho Grows.

BY: Governor Brad Little

Across the nation, the economic effects of the pandemic are still being felt. In Idaho, although precautions are still being taken, the economy is thriving — a reflection of the strength of Idahoans and Idaho business owners. As the domestic and global economy rebounds from the coronavirus pandemic, Idaho continues to lead the nation in economic strength, job recovery, growth and business formations. more....