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Q4 2022


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Q4 2022

The process of site selection has always been complex. In the past, companies looked for a good building site in close proximity to suppliers and transportation routes, a suitable workforce and educational resources that helped them fill positions, a location that came with local and state incentives and quality of life factors that made for happy employees. While all these things are still necessary components, new parts have been added to the site selection clockworks in recent years, and in this issue, we discuss these new factors.

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Biomanufacturing: Issues and Opportunities

BY: Andrew Shapiro

Among the discoveries now being commercialized are MRNA technologies and vaccines such as the Pfizer/BioNtech and Moderna COVID vaccines, and new cell/gene therapies that promise cures for chronic medical conditions. These new cell and gene therapies, and other biologic-based medicines, are increasingly coming to market despite some significant challenges. more....