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Q4 2022


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Q4 2022

The process of site selection has always been complex. In the past, companies looked for a good building site in close proximity to suppliers and transportation routes, a suitable workforce and educational resources that helped them fill positions, a location that came with local and state incentives and quality of life factors that made for happy employees. While all these things are still necessary components, new parts have been added to the site selection clockworks in recent years, and in this issue, we discuss these new factors.

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Does Disaster Risk Management Matter for Industrial Policy Design?

BY: Carlos López-Gómez

Manufactured goods are an essential part of any economy, but in times of crisis, the manufacturing sector becomes even more critical to national and global socioeconomic resilience. Industrial goods such as food, medicine and clothing, as well as machinery and engineering services, are crucial to national infrastructure and for tackling emergencies. more....