May/June 2016 | Trade and Industry Development

May/June 2016


Trade & Industry Development Magazine

May/June 2016

Strap on your seat belt. This issue of TID features fast-moving industries and fast-moving products. The aerospace industry is one and it is thriving. Get all the facts in our feature article, “Location Incentives for Aerospace: New Ideas are Taking Off.” This article will provide you with an in-depth look at the types of incentives today’s EDOs are offering aerospace industry players in return for locating operations in their city, county or state.

The automotive industry is not left in the dust. It, too, shows no signs of braking its speed with products to market and more and more development locations.  This feature will show where the automotive industry is going in an article appropriately titled, “The Direction Automotive Manufacturing is Going.” There is strong competition among states to procure new automotive manufacturers, as this is an industry that employs the most people and is the nation’s largest exporter. 

While those industries are moving forward, our feature on the reshoring industry, “Reshoring: How U.S. Sourcing Enhances a Company’s Bottom Line,” demonstrates that businesses are doing an about-face —coming back to the U.S. with manufacturing and services, which is an incredibly good thing.

The momentum doesn’t stop there. This issue is chock full of information on individual states, including two exclusive articles highlighting  states with locations that are home to light manufacturing and states that you really want to get to know more about as they are top sites in the U.S. In addition, there are two detailed case studies designed for executive site selectors to become more intimately acquainted with the state of Mississippi and the city of Lubbock Texas.