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Q2 2023


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Q2 2023

In this issue, our features take a look at supply chain management and the transition to a non-carbon energy future. Our Sites & Programs feature covers ports and inland ports, and our Shortlist examines America’s Top Sites for Business Prosperity and An Enjoyable Life: a compendium of locations from across the country that include critical business infrastructure and transportation. Regionally, we’re presenting six locations – Arizona, Arkansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Ontario and Virginia – that are ready for expansions and greenfield projects.

In this issue

How Sustainability Became “Made in Arizona”

BY: State of Arizona

Arizona’s conservation and focus on the future contribute to its premier business environment, one well-suited for manufacturing. Advantages such as modern infrastructure, reliable energy, abundant talent base and plenty of open space add to the state’s appeal. Industries powering the transition to clean energy production have found a home in Arizona. more....