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Alternative energy and fuels certainly is a hot topic, and our feature, “Renewable and Cleaner Energy,” focuses on three energy sources that stand out as efficient, scalable and commercially viable solutions: solar, biofuels and decarbonized natural gas. We continue the clean industry and renewables theme with Outlooks by the AWEA and USGBC, and with our Sites & Programs article. We also have features to help tech companies find the best locations and on how import tariffs will affect the U.S. economy. Also check out our spotlights on South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia and Ontario, Canada.

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Renewable and Cleaner Energy

BY: Von Hatley

Whether you call it climate change, climate crisis or climate emergency, the facts are beyond dispute: Our earth is heating up, and it’s heating up fast. Human demand for energy—to power industry, grow crops, warm and cool our homes and fuel our transportation—is the primary contributor to the increased carbon dioxide (CO2) in our atmosphere. more....