November/December 2013 | Trade and Industry Development

November/December 2013

Trade & Industry Development Magazine

November/December 2013

Want to know what’s happening in the world of logistics and supply chains? The November-December 2013 issue of Trade & Industry Development thoroughly covers this very complex facet of business that affects manufacturers of every type, from training supply chain professionals to identifying locations that have proven to be ideal places for easy, efficient, cost-effective access to market.

For every logistics/supply chain management professional who needs to stay on the cutting-edge (and who doesn’t?), you’ll want to read our Feature on the importance of sustainability in this industry and be sure to check out our Insights article on omni-channel distribution. Both are must-reads.

Of course, no discussion of logistics would be complete without an in-depth look at why U.S. ports are attracting attention and capital investment from the private sector and what that means to business vitality. This issue goes deep on that subject and continues on to highlight some of the most prominent U.S. ports and the users who have benefited by having access to them.

And for all professionals who devote their talents to either the plastics industry or the metalworking industry, our authors offer spot-on insight on industry trends and reveal the most favored locations for economic development in these respective trades, and why.