East-North Central Articles

Article | January 7, 2011
Successful Rural Communities Work Together   

In a recession where unemployment percentages have teetered between 9-10% of our population, growth and success within communities have appeared to... More>>

Growing Business i Wisconsin
Article | January 6, 2011
Growing Business in Wisconsin   

As Wisconsin's newly elected Governor, Scott Walker proudly declares: Wisconsin is "Open for Business." Walker has pledged to add 250,000 new jobs... More>>

Illinois - A Wise Business Choice
Article | January 5, 2011
Illinois – A Wise Business Choice   

Businesses have a key competitive advantage when they have ready access to their customers, access to a world-class workforce and access to capital,... More>>

Port of Charleston
Article | November 18, 2010
PORTS: Driving more than just the transport of goods, ports are an economic powerhouse   

From seaports to river ports to those that are inland, ports are a vital part of our economy. They touch a large percentage of the goods and products... More>>

Article | September 23, 2010
Getting Straight to Business with Ready and Certified Sites   

The growing demand for industrial parks and other sites that are “shovel-ready,” “ready to go,” as the Federal Highway Administration refers... More>>

Article | September 13, 2010
Sites & Programs: Foreign Trade Zones   

An old program is gaining steam these days. Throughout the country, areas are embracing the Foreign Trade Zone program as a savvy tool in their... More>>

Article | June 30, 2010
It's (becoming) Easy to be Green   

The green technology field is huge, fueled in no small part by political and environmental issues, as well as those lured by the sheer economics of... More>>

Article | June 29, 2010
Re-Brand Your Region for Success   

As the realities of the global economy begin to sink in, many communities find themselves at a crossroads. Certainly as a nation we have a broad... More>>

Article | June 29, 2010
Frontline Reports on Workforce Availability from Communities Across the U.S.   

The current labor situation in the United States is a top-of-mind issue for many. While the buzz remains on unemployment, which held at 9.7 percent... More>>

Article | February 28, 2010
2010 CiCi Awards - Community Impact Top 15   

While in many cases significant investments are made, the Community Impact portion of our CiCi Awards celebrates economic development projects that... More>>