January/February 2018 | Trade and Industry Development

January/February 2018


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January/February 2018

How many holiday cards wished recipients a happy, healthy new year? This issue aims to do its part to deliver on that wish for all corporate site selectors in the food and ag, bio/pharma and medical device industries. How?

Time to delve in.

The Feature medical manufacturing article provides invaluable insight into locations that are attracting medical manufacturing companies. It makes great sense to consider these locations as prime location choices for all the positive reasons site selectors know about areas that offer like-type businesses. The article also provides professional checklists for site selectors to follow when evaluating locations and workforces for the next exciting business site.

The food and ag Feature dives in-depth into new industry trends and how the workforce should be accommodated in the face of that. There are infinite ways to ensure the workforce in the food and ag industry feels accommodated and wants to remain valuable to a business in its new location. Thoroughly absorbing the entire article’s advice helps to prevent being blindsided.

The bio/pharma Feature introduces a modern concept for the pharma industry and what this means for its workforce, which may affect location decisions.

There’s plenty more. Site selectors are treated to the facts and ideas from four U.S. states: Alabama, Idaho, Tennessee and Arkansas. This will save a boatload of time and provide an advantage when contacting these states’ economic development agencies to gather information specific to a particular company’s location project.

Before starting site selection investigations, the Insights column is a must see as it shatters some long-held beliefs with insight and indispensable tips.